How is the Advanced Pain Relief Patch different?

The Advanced patch contains 50% more menthol than our regular medicated patches - With a menthol concentration of 7.5% w/w, it was designed for advanced, long lasting, pain relief therapy that works fast and continues to work even after the patch is removed.

Why is there a different concentration of menthol in the sleeves vs. patches?

The sleeves are more permeable and menthol is quite volatile, so there is more menthol lost to “evaporation” in this format, thus the higher concentration (16%) is required to deliver effective results.

How is Icy Hot unique?

Only Icy Hot offers a medicated pain relieving sleeve, providing a snug, contoured fit with full flexibility needed for knees, elbows and ankles. Icy Hot Medicated Back Patches are offered in various sizes including an XL size: 14 cm x 25 cm (5 ½’’ x 9 ¾’’) to work better on larger areas. Icy Hot Advanced Pain Relieving Patch has 50% more menthol for advanced pain relief. Icy Hot Advanced Cream uses the Novasome™ Extended Relief Formula to provide a consistent release of active ingredients over time, delivering powerful pain relief for hours following application.

What is Novasome Technology found in Icy Hot Advanced Pain Relief Cream?

Novasome™ Extended Relief Formula is a technology that allows for gradual release of active ingredients, providing continuous pain relief that lasts for hours, allowing you to go longer between applications.

How does Icy Hot product work?

Menthol, due to its volatility, provides an initial cooling sensation. Menthol also reacts with skin resulting in increased blood circulation to the area. This action generates heat. The cooling helps to dull the pain while the increased blood circulation allows tight muscles to return to their normal lengths. Tightness is reduced and muscles relax allowing you to continue normal activities.

Will the product stain clothing?

No. Another benefit is that the product is non greasy.

What causes the odour?

Menthol, the active ingredient, has a strong, mint aroma which is somewhat contained by the fabric in the patches and sleeves.

Are the sleeves and patches reusable?

No, each sleeve and patch are meant to be used once and then discarded. However, each provides up to eight hours of relief.

Icy Hot products have different ingredients. Is one formula more effective than another?

One formula isn’t necessarily “better” than another. Different people with different physiologies can find one more suitable than another. It is for this reason that we offer multiple formulas. Consult your healthcare professional for advice on treatment.

Where is Icy Hot made?

The Cream, Gel, Roll-on and Sleeves are manufactured in the U.S.A., while the Patches are manufactured in Japan. All Icy Hot products are packaged in Canada.

Do Icy Hot medicated patches contain latex?

No. Icy Hot medicated patches are latex free.

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